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play buttonDrUL [Strange Edit] (promo)September 2017 | 10:36min | techno trance

play buttonPolyph0nic Bhaji (promo)September 2017 | 11:22min | techno trance

play buttonPolyph0nic BhajiApril 2017 | 18:19min | live techno trance

play buttonUniversal Law: DragonflyApril 2016 | 15:42min | ambient trance

play buttonPsyfood at the Continuum Cafe: Blink mixMarch 2016 | 49:17min | ambient

play buttonTroll Hunter: Elaborate Fantasy MachineJanuary 2016 | 22:05min | experimental

play buttonthe Lizard - WaW mixNovember 2015 | 40:41min | ambient trance

play buttonzeeApril 2013 | 4:39min | ambient

play buttonlab-sythDecember 2012 | 13:20min | ambient

play buttonshock my windows shut; black healsOctober 2012 | 5:58min | 90's trance

play buttonshock my windows shutOctober 2012 | 6:36min | 90's trance

play buttonpissd snakeSeptember 2011 | 6:00min | 90's trance

play buttonfuck it and carry onApril 2011 | 6:14min | ambient

play buttontresspassedApril 2011 | 5:13min | ambient trance

play buttonU.K.I. edit 2 livid loveFebruary 2011 | 10:03min | ambient

play buttonunder know illusion, edit 1February 2011 | 9:39min | ambient

play buttonfractal filmNovember 2010 | 5:02min | ambient trance

play buttonglobal shudder; spider monitors his webOctober 2010 | 21:48min | ambient

play buttonnrg fabrik: harmonic 96May 2009 | 7:27min | ambient trance

play buttonflight of the wizard: gold snake passMarch 2009 | 8:54min | ambient trance


Copyright exists on all audio material made available to download via the website.


Continuing with the live mix concept, a second tune has been created with this in mind. "DrUL [Strange Edit]" is a live techno tune inspired from Universal Law: Dragonfly. Sped up to 140bpm and using a MIDI-clocked hardware configuration with Ableton and Maschine slaved, a unique arrangement is created everytime it's played. A promotional mp3 version of DrUL is now available to download.

Along with Polyph0nic Bhaji this has extended the live set to an average running time of 45 mins long. A very successful 2nd gig took place on 9th Septembre at a private party outdoors in the countryside surrounding Guidlford.


Acid Dog started as ambient trance but has since gone techno, for live sets.
The latest tune 'Polyph0nic Bhaji' is improvised techno trance. The ideas have been re-tweaked and the latest version is now available here to listen to and download. It's 18 mins long with an excellent bassline and melodies and acid to compliment, and you can dance to it!

Since early 2016, an energy and motivation is building to create a live set with the intention of it being ready for summer 2017. A taster set is due to take place on 15th April 2017 in France.
Polyph0nic Bhaji is the first tune made without an arranged structure, for use within a live, improvised context.

A journey of sonic experience

Acid Dog is a techno lover and composer.
His curiosity for electronic sounds took him into electronic music at the age of 10.
While exploring his different states of mind and being, he met different projects and aliases before embodying Acid Dog.

Wandering between techno trance, acid house, experimental and psytrance, Acid Dog is going through a journey of sonic experience.
His current adventure is taking him into creating techno dance tunes to be improvised during live sets.

Past projects

Fractal Smarties


The Shamen, The Orb, Eat Static, Orbital, Ozric Tentacles, Pink Floyd, Siouxsie Sioux, The Art of Noise, Hawkwind, Aphex Twin, Jean Michel Jarre


110 - 144 bpm, ambient electro, ambient techno, ambient trance, techno trance


Acid Dog is the current alias. 2 other aliases existed before.

First, there was 'Southern Hawker'.
A Southern Hawker is a variety of Dragonfly found in South & West England and Wales. I saw one in my back garden in 2005; a body approx. 4" long and similar wingspan, with black and green stripes. Awesome creature. I felt a deep connection with dragonflies thereafter. They ooze prehistoric energy. It was an obvious starting point for my music creativity.

Then, after a search for a simpler name to pronounce, came 'Boss Drum'.
Boss Drum was a Track and Album by The Shamen in the 90's. I resonate with that name on a level that prompted me to write music under that alias.

And more recently, 'Acid Dog'.
Acid Dog is a natural progression from Boss Drum as it denotes an opposing energy to the concept of a Boss Drum, on one (philosophic, spiritual) level.

Each of them represents a state of mind and being.

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